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EBA 7260

EBA Guillotines Electro-mechanical blade drive; hydraulic clamp drive; infinitely adjustable clamping pressure (250-2000 kgs)with optical indicators; snap-in false clamp plate with optical indicator; spindle guided electro-mechanical back gauge drive for precise positioning (back gauge speed 53 mm/s); air table on front and rear table; foot pedal for pre-clamping or cutting line indicator; optical cutting line indicator with LEDs; durable stainless steel working surface on front table; blade made of high quality HSS steel; swing cut for more cutting precision; solid steel blade carrier guided on both sides, adjustable; adjustable blade depth; set of side tables (left and right) with stainless steel working surface available as an option, cutting length 720mm, Cutting Height 80mm, Insertion Depth 720mm.

Side Tables : One set of side tables Left and Right for the 721 model
Blade : Spare Blade for EBA 721 model, bundled with the machine
Cutting Sticks : Cutting Stick for the EBA 721 mode, bundled with the machine

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